Home service business owner standing with a white background

ATTN: Home Service Business Owners

ATTN: Home Service Business Owners

are lead generation services costing you a fortune?

Home service business owner standing with a white background

Services like Angi's and Thumbtack are taking your money and leaving you holding the bag. Deceptive practices, unqualified and recycled leads are robbing your company blind. But there is a better way. The Business Growth Accelerator way.

The Business Growth Accelerator Will

  • ​Establish a solid digital foundation
  • Make you the go to expert in your area
  • Attract your ideal customer to your business
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Brandon Garcia Owner BKXX Enterprises, LLC a Direct Response Marketing Company

Hi, I'm Brandon Garcia

owner of BKXX Marketing. At BKXX marketing, I specialize in helping you reduce the cost per lead for your home service business by fixing all of the cracks in its digital foundation.

Starting with your business listing, I optimize your presence across the web on all of the major directories, search engines, and social media sites. My optimization has shown to increase local rankings in as little as 90 days. 

But I don't stop there! 

Once I start getting you more organic traffic I turn it up with a direct response marketing program proven to drive high quality leads at the lowest possible dollar.

Using proprietary AI technology and core demographics in your local area we target the perfect customer who is in need of your service before they even know they need it.

Ready to Conquer the Local Market?

Not Getting The Leads You need?

There is a reason your phone isn't ringing. My comprehensive snapshot report will dive into every part of your business and show you exactly why your aren't getting the leads your business needs to thrive.

​Click the button to get your free snapshot report today.

The Customer Journey


Customer Journey Diagram

The customer journey is the process that potential customers go through when they become aware of a need or want, consider their options, make a purchase, and either continue to use the product or service or tell others about it.

In the case of hiring a contractor like you, the journey your customer went on to hire you looked something like this:

Awareness: The customer becomes aware that they need or want to hire a contractor for a specific project. They may do this through seeing an ad, hearing about a friend's positive experience, or reading an article online.

Consideration: The customer begins to research their options and narrow down their choices. They may read online reviews, compare prices, and/or speak to friends or family for recommendations.

Reputation: The customer learns more about the contractor's reputation and decides whether or not to move forward with hiring them. They may read online reviews, check out the contractor's website and social media presence, and/or speak to someone who has worked with the contractor before.

Conversion: The customer decides to hire the contractor and signs a contract. This is usually the result of feeling confident in the contractor's abilities and feeling like they will be able to meet the customer's needs. Conversions can take place in many locations such as a website, landing page, google business profile, or social media profile.

Advocacy: The project is done and your customer is happy with the results. They may write a positive review, tell their friends and family about their experience, and/or recommend the contractor to others.

If you are not getting many calls, your customer journey may have gaps that must be repaired. Reach out today for a full customer journey analysis and see where your prospects are falling off the path.

Get the Guides

8-Step Guide To Generating Unlimited Free Traffic From Google

This simple 8-step guide will help you optimize your Google Business Profile, increase its rankings, and generate more leads for your business.

Profit Secrets: The Underground Guide To Finding A Ridiculous Amount Of Profit In Your Business Without Spending A Dime On Ads

This power packed 89 page guide walks you through 12 sectors of your business to show you how to optimize it for maximum revenue and profit.

Knowledge Is Power

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Experience the Business Growth Accelerator

simple All In One Platform

  • ​Save time and money by consolidating all your marketing needs into one platform
  • ​Get more leads and customers through powerful website hosting, social media management, and review management and response tools
  • ​Feel like a bad ass business owner who can take on the world

Get Found Today!

Here are a few of the services we offer

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Hyper Local SEO

People are looking for your services, but they don't know who you are and they can't find you. Show up at the top of the local search results with BKXX Enterprises Hyper Local SEO program. 

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Reputation Management

Did you know a one star increase in your business' rating can result in a 5-9% increase in revenue? The Business Growth Accelerator program is designed to to turn your clients into your advocates by making it super easy for them to leave you a review on the top review sites across the web.

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Email Marketing

Improve your business's sales and retain more customers with an email marketing campaign powered by the Business Growth Accelerator. Engage with your audience on a whole new level through personalized emails tailored to their preferences and needs. Stay top-of-mind with regular updates, exclusive offers, and valuable content that keeps your brand front and center. Start building relationships, generating leads, and boosting conversions today with our comprehensive email marketing service.

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Social Media Marketing

Content is still king. Growing your audience takes great and engaging content that moves your client through the customer journey. Our omnipresence approach will help you reach  and engage with your ideal client no matter where they are on the web.

They Do It Simple Fast Fair and Friendly... Great information and Return on Investment. Highly recommend. Thank you and Much Success.

Victor Garcia - FunTyme Sales, FL


If you want to pay more for your leads, that's your business. If you want to pay less that's mine.

Contact us today to learn how BKXX Marketing can reduce your cost per lead and help you dominate the local market.