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Unclog Your Business: Learn what it takes to grow and exit a $20 million plumbing Business with Chuck Staszkiewicz

Sunday, February 11, 2024

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Chuck Staszkiewicz's journey in the home services industry is a remarkable story of grit, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of growth. His path from running a deli to becoming a trailblazer in the home services industry is not just inspiring but also laden with valuable insights for business owners.

From Deli To Plumbing - The Start of a New Path

Chuck’s foray into the home services sector began in an unassuming deli in New Jersey. A chance interaction with a plumber who frequented the deli for coffee sparked Chuck’s interest in plumbing. This encounter led him to take a pay cut, leaving his $17 an hour deli job to start a new career in plumbing at $10 an hour. His journey in the trades spanned 25 years, encompassing plumbing, drain cleaning, boilers, and much more. Chuck’s decision to relocate to Utah, motivated by his love for skiing, marked a turning point in his career, leading him to form his own business​​.

Scaling Heights with All Hours Plumbing

Chuck's business, All Hours Plumbing, soared to impressive heights. However, Chuck candidly admits that for a significant part of his entrepreneurial journey, he didn't fully grasp the intricacies of business ownership. It was only after nearly a decade, coinciding with the onset of COVID-19, that he truly stepped into the role of a business owner. This period of crisis turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It was during this time that he, alongside his sister, decided to double down on marketing and hire a coach, a move that led to the business doubling its revenue. This experience was pivotal, turning what seemed like a setback into a significant leap forward​​.

The Birth of Opus & Golds

Transitioning from the success of All Hours Plumbing, Chuck embarked on a new venture, Opus & Golds. This consulting group specializes in assisting home service businesses but is not limited to them. Opus & Golds has worked with various businesses, including roofers, water restoration companies, attorneys, and more, showcasing a broad range of expertise beyond home services​​.

The Opus & Golds Philosophy

At Opus & Golds, the focus is on businesses that have already achieved a certain level of success, typically between $2 and $10 million in revenue. The goal is to help these businesses identify their next steps and accelerate growth. Chuck's approach is inclusive, as he is open to working with startups and businesses at different growth stages​​.

A Mentorship Approached Rooted in Reality

Chuck's philosophy on mentorship and coaching is refreshingly honest and grounded in reality. He emphasizes the importance of aligning values and ensuring that the mentor or coach truly understands the challenges and pain points of running a business. His approach is not about overselling; it’s about genuinely helping clients and doing business with integrity​​.

Key Takeaways for Home Service Business Owners
Chuck’s journey and the subsequent formation of Opus & Golds offer several key takeaways for home service business owners:

  • ​The Importance of Adaptability: Chuck’s willingness to adapt, whether it was changing careers or pivoting his business strategy during COVID-19, is a crucial lesson in the ever-changing business landscape.
  • Understanding Business Beyond Sales: His admission of not fully understanding the nuances of business ownership for almost a decade is a powerful reminder that running a successful business involves much more than just making sales.
  • The Power of Targeted Expertise: The focus of Opus & Golds on specific business sizes and stages underscores the importance of tailored strategies and specialized knowledge.
  • Valuing Integrity in Business: Chuck’s approach to mentorship and client relations, emphasizing integrity and real value over aggressive sales tactics, is a guiding principle for sustainable business growth.

Chuck Staszkiewicz’s journey from a deli worker to a successful entrepreneur and mentor in the home services industry is a testament to the power of resilience, continuous learning, and genuine commitment to adding value. His story is not just inspiring but also a blueprint for business owners seeking to navigate the complexities of growth and success in the home services sector.

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