Your first Funnel Challenge: Your guide to building the business of your dreams

Are you ready to build the business of your dreams?


Russel Brunson's all-new Your First Funnel Challenge is set to launch your business to all new levels in 2024. Over 20 of the top entrepreneurs and business owners have come together to teach you how to build your first funnel to generate more leads than you know what to do with.


Secret #1

Funnel Hacking

To become the best, you have to learn from the best. By learning the inner workings of successful sales funnel, you can implement them in your business and achieve massive success


Secret #2

Experts Create Movements

Ever wonder how people were able to amass such a large following? They became experts and attracted their followers. In day number 3 you will learn the secret to attracting your following.


Secret #3

Driving traffic and getting sales 

What good is it to do all the things and no one sees it. Learn the secrets to driving traffic to your business and making sales.

Funnel Challenge Speakers

20+ Of the top Entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you hit your goals 

How would you like to learn from the top entrepreneurs and business owners today?

Over 20 of the best business owners will be available to you. Guiding you along your journey to launching and scaling your funnel to levels you could only imagine.

Here is a taste of what you are going to get.

  • ​ Grant Cardone breaks down how to 10X your life and your business and explains how he was able to get Discovery to do what he wanted to do with Undercover Millionaire. 
  •  Myron Golden shows you the four levels of value and explains why you are currently stuck in the position your are in.
  • ​Steven J. Larsen tells his story on how he went from broke to Russell's right hand man and top funnel builder at ClickFunnels to launching his own company and info product offers.
  • ​Daymond John shares his secret to success with his brand FUBU and how he turned it into a multimillion dollar brand without having one single clothing factory.
Your First Funnel Challenge Speaker panel

If there was ever an online event you needed to attend..

This is it!

If you are tired of hoping and praying for that next lead to come in or have this burning desire to change the world. This is your calling to learn the skill necessary to tell your story and help those who need it the most.

Before I got started I was broke car salesman trying to get more customers to come to me during one of the worst health crisis in history.

If it weren't for Russell and his book Traffic Secrets, my family would be broke and on the streets right now.

This is what being a funnel hacker has done for me:

  • New Sense Purpose: It was hard to get by on the scraps that came to the dealership. With the renewed sense of self and knowledge to align my hook, story, and offer, I was able to walk off the lot for good and forge my own path.
  • Friends For Life: My network has grown 10X. My next partner is just a message or a phone call away. And as Grant always says, "Your network is your net-worth."
  • The Businesses in my town are starting to thrive again: The pandemic hit my area hard. There were a lot of stores that struggled to put the pieces together. With my new found knowledge I have been able to help them over come the struggle and thrive again.
  • There is no limit placed on the creativity when it comes to building out a campaign. Simple frame works taught in this 5 day challenge can be shaped and molded to fit any business, any niche.

About the Host

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Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur and author known for his work in digital marketing, particularly with the software company he founded and now owns, ClickFunnels. He teaches people how to create successful online businesses through his books and speaking engagements. His goal is to empower entrepreneurs to create automated money-making systems that require little to no effort from them.

Russel was a strange kid growing up. Obsessed with marketing he would sign up for every free kit that he could get his hands on to learn the ins and outs of direct response marketing. His passion for internet marketing was lit on fire when his mentor made a million dollars in a single day. From then Russell dedicated his life to figuring out everything there was to know about generating leads and sales online.

All of that knowledge has been jam packed into this 5 day challenge. It would be utterly foolish to miss out on this amazing education from one of, if not the best digital marketers alive today.

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In products and services Sold




2 Comma Club Winners


What you will lose by not taking action today!


You will keep hoping and praying for deals.

The number one reason companies go out of business is they can't sell their services fast enough to enough people.


Your family's life is not lived at its full potential.

Your family deserves to live the best life with you in it. But they can't do it if you are making someone else's dream a reality. 


Your community suffers from lack of industry.

There are businesses suffering in your town right now because there is no one to help them. The skills you will learn in the next 5 days can save a community, a marriage, and possibly even a life.


Your personal growth stagnates.

There is so much potential in you right now. It just needs that spark to bring it out of you. This challenge will help you dig deep and bring out that person in you.

Are you a roofer or general contractor looking for leads Reach out to the guy who posted this picture  He can help you generate more leads than you know what to do with  png

Fire all lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services are robbing you blind

Take control of your business processes and generate higher quality leads that are yours and yours alone. Here is what you can expect with generating your own leads.

  •  Lower Lead Cost
  • Better Relationships
  • More Control over your sales process


Here Is What You Will Get From Me When You Sign Up Today

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Ultimate Google Business Profile Guide 

Optimize you Google Business Profile and start showing up when people look for your services.

This guide will walk you through how to set up and optimize your Google Business Profile to start generating leads from Google at no cost to you.

One Page Marketing Plan-cover png

One Page Marketing Plan

Your marketing doesn't have to be complicated. This One Pager will help you get clear on your  marketing message and get it out to your audience quickly.

You'll be able to create a clear message that stands out from the noise, while easily getting more customers, leads and sales.

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Profit Secrets

Profit secrets is the small business owners guide to success. This book teaches you step-by-step how to increase your profits and reach your financial goals.

From building a solid digital marketing strategy to optimizing finances, this book provides in-depth advice and support every step of the way.


What People are saying

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I have been using Click Funnels for several months now and I’ve been incredibly impressed with their service. The interface is easy to use, their support team is friendly and helpful, and their automation tools are great for helping to streamline my sales funnel. They also have a wide variety of templates that can be easily customized to fit the exact needs of any business. Overall, I highly recommend Click Funnels and would definitely recommend them to others looking for a reliable online marketing platform. Thanks Click Funnels!



I recently starting using Clickfunnels for my contracting business, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the results! Not only did it increase my lead generation compared to a traditional website, but it was also so much easier to use. It allowed me to create attractive, high converting sales funnels without needing any coding experience. What's more, with their easy-to-follow instructions and helpful customer support team, I was able to implement the system quickly and easily. It's truly been a game changer for my business. With Clickfunnels, I'm now able to generate more leads than ever before with minimal effort. Highly recommended!

© 2024 BKXX Enterprises, LLC - All rights reserved


© 2024 BKXX Enterprises, LLC - All rights reserved